Entertaiment for Office Party

What we do?

Are you looking for the best entertainment for office party? Then you’re at the totally right place. We have some of UK’s best bartenders in our database. They are competing at the highest level and living a life as bartending Rockstars. We can therefore offer a unique and impressive show of absolute world class.

I assure you the best entertainment with our Flair Show. Kickstart a good evening with a stage show like ours and be sure your colleagues will have a great time. We can also offer Cocktails afterwards so the entertainment not only is a great show but also gives everyone a tasty experience.

Why book Entertainment for Office Party through us?

World-Class Flair Bartender Show

We have some of the world’s top flair bartenders. Oliver Deak, Lupu Flavius, Mathias Daa, Michael Dahlstrøm are all great entertainers behind a bar. Just browse through youtube and you’ll know. They all compete in their national championships and some of them have been to the World Championship as well.

We guarantee for a stage show in the absolute top. It’s no better anywhere in the world.

Craft Cocktails during the show

Besides the show we will serve premium cocktails to you and your guests. You don’t just get a entertaining bartender show that for sure is a good experience, we also mix lovely cocktails to you. Either we can make a welcome drink for all and then start the show when everyone has something to tasty to drink. We can also start with the show and then serve from the bar afterwards. We are very flexible regarding setup. You decide whether you just want the show and a cocktail or you want a full Mobile Bar setup with a show to Kick Start a great party. We will make sure to fit our setup so it matches your ideas and demands.

Festive atmosphere from the beginning

Cocktails, show and entertainment will definitely lift the mood of any gathering. The right  atmosphere is absolutely essential for a good night with your guests. We can help you with just that. Creating a successful evening is not easy as an organizer. You are not alone though. We will take care of the bar and be the entertainment you want us to be. A unique show and tasty cocktails is our way to guarantee the good vibe and a great night.  If you have the people, then we have the party! Cheers in advance!

Here you can see our Flair Bartenders:

Mathias Daa


Lupu Flavius


Michael Dahlstrøm


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We can be in charge for the whole thing and make sure everything goes according to whatever you have in mind. Cheers!